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Water Sustainability Action Plan

The following initiatives were endorsed by council in January 2007 and outline a Water Sustainability Action Plan for the City of Kelowna. Each of the elements listed represent a call for action within the City as well as throughout the community.

  1. Require, Implement and Track Demand Side Management Programs (DSM)
    Implement the City Council endorsed water reduction strategy by reducing overall water consumption by a further 15% by 2012. Work with all other water purveyors within Kelowna to ensure a consistent approach is applied throughout the community.
  2. Enhance Customer Education through Effective Social Marketing Programs
    Continue to implement permanent water conservation programs and resource these with staff that possess technical skills and understanding in the fields of social marketing and customer education. Develop relationships with high water users in all customer classes and work with these users to develop reduction strategies.
  3. Link Water Conservation to Development Approvals
    Make Development Permit approval contingent upon demand management planning that provide demonstrated outcome. Require that all new developments and retrofits of existing facilities and homes make use of the best available water conservation technologies.
  4. Ensure Effective Full Cost Pricing with Volume Based Pricing Structures
    Implement full cost pricing with volume based pricing structures. Reflect the importance and value of water to promote conservation and ensure equitable access through water rates. Promote revenue neutrality and provide incentives by penalizing heavy users and rewarding low users.
    Review opportunities for alternate metering technologies as part of meter replacement programs. 
  5. Reduce Water System Leakage That Results in Water Loss
    Enhance the current leak detection program by identifying priority areas and completing leak detection surveys. Develop a 5 year revolving plan to rectify system leakage.
  6. Promote and Ensure the Use of Water Efficient Fixtures
    Review existing fixture bylaws to ensure they reflect the latest technology available and reconfirm that all new development continues to be installed using mandatory water efficient fixtures.
  7. Explore and Develop Water Reuse Opportunities
    Identify water reuse opportunities within existing city divisions. Explore retrofits or new installation potential where water reuse makes sense.


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