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Buildings - the energy we use

According to the latest inventory, provided by the Province, 30% of Kelowna’s GHG emissions came from the use of natural gas and electricity in buildings for heating and cooling, lighting, running appliances and heating hot water.

What You Can Do (and how you can save money) 

Clothesline.pngResidents and businesses can significantly help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing home energy use. This can be a combination of behaviour changes (for example turning down the heat or hanging clothes to dry) or doing energy efficient upgrades and retrofits.

FortisBC offers a variety of natural gas and electrical energy efficiency rebates

What We Are Doing

The City of Kelowna is doing retrofits on several city buildings including installation of higher efficiency boilers and lighting.  Further, energy efficient design is incorporated into new buildings such as the new Parkinson Activity Center. Kelowna has several solar initiatives including installing solar powered lights in community parks and paths, and solar equipped transit shelters and parking meters. 

The City is also encouraging alternative energy options in the community.  In 2011, Kelowna voluntarily signed on to the BC Building Code Solar Hot Water Ready regulation for single family homes.  The City has implemented a landfill gas to pipeline project in conjunction with FortisBC.  

Contact Us

Michelle Kam and Tracy Guidi
City of Kelowna
Sustainability Coordinators
250 469-8773 and

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