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Arts, Culture & Heritage Grants

The City of Kelowna offers four categories of grants to non-profit organizations, each year. The purpose of these grants is to enrich the art, culture and heritage experience for Kelowna residents. These grants are awarded on an annual basis and organizations may apply for grants under more than one category in the same calendar year. Eligible organizations must be incorporated as a non-profit society and operate primarily in Kelowna.

Grants available include:

The 2015 grant application deadline has now passed. Successful applicants will be
notified in February, 2015. Applications for 2016 will be available October 15, 2016.

2015 Grant Recipients


Operating Grants

Operating grants are available to arts, culture and heritage organizations that carry out the majority of their work in Kelowna. These grants support the operations of the organization, but are not to be used for startup, events, or capital projects.

This grant acknowledges the work these organizations do and how they positively contribute to Kelowna's quality of life, identity and economy. Grants are extended to recipients who demonstrate vision, accountability and a spirit of community service in their operations.


Glossary of Terms
2015 Operating Grant - Guidelines
2015 Operating Grant - Application Form

2015 Operating Grant - Final Report Form word.gif


Project Grants

Project grants are available to community organizations, which provide a festival, event or project that feature arts, culture and/or heritage for the benefit of Kelowna residents. Eligible organizations are not required to be from the arts, culture or heritage sector.

The program acknowledges that new initiatives need seed money and existing projects may need support to help them grow. 

All festivals, events and projects must be accessible to the public, offer a unique experience, and prominently feature arts, culture or heritage content. Introduced in 2014, projects may also include organization development projects (see Project Grant Guidelines). Funding is provided for up to three consecutive years on a matching 50/50 basis.

Glossary of Terms
2015 Project Grant Guidelines
2015 Project Grant - Application Instructions
2015 Project Grant - Application Form (available only upon request)

2015 Project Grant - Final Report Form word.gif
2015 Organization Development - Final Report Form word.gif


Community Public Art (CPA) Grants

Community Public Art is a collaborative, collective creative process between a professional artist and the community. It encourages the creation of publicly accessible artworks, fosters community pride, identity and reflects the diversity of the community.

One or more projects will be considered each year based on the applications received and reviewed by the Public Art Committee. Funding is provided on a matching 50/50 basis. The City welcomes proposals for projects using either traditional or new art practices. 

2015 Community Public Art Guidelines
2015 Community Public Art Application        


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