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Snow Safety Tips

  • When driving, stay back at least 50 feet from the rear of the plow truck so the driver can see you. Remember, if you can't see the driver in his mirrors he can't see you.
  • Park vehicles in the driveway as cars in the roadway hinder the performance of the snow removal process.
  • Teach children to stay behind the sidewalks when they see the trucks coming.
  • Some trucks are capable of plowing multiple lanes of snow at one time, avoid passing or driving beside these trucks.
  • When shovelling the driveway, avoid pushing the snow back into the street. Less snow will be pushed onto the driveway if snow is shovelled from your driveway to the down side of your driveway (down street is the direction traffic flows).
  • Portable basketball goals, hockey goals, skate board ramps and other portable structures should be removed from the street in order that the plow trucks can reach to the curb and not damage the truck or portable structures.
  • Keep trees trimmed back along streets.
  • Remember to clear sidewalks adjacent to your property. The City of Kelowna's  Snow Busters campaign aims to reward neighbours who take the time out to help residents with snow removal.  


Make sure that your car is prepared for the winter by checking:

  • battery condition and terminals
  • windshield wipers and washer fluid levels
  • coolant system levels
  • lights and signals
  • tire wear and pressure

Take care of your vehicle and be prepared:

  • keep the gas tank at least half full
  • start the block heater several hours before driving, should you have one
  • start the car at least one minute before driving
  • drive slowly while engine components warm up
  • have an ice-scraper and completely clear the vehicle of snow and ice, including the windows, mirrors, roof, trunk, hood and lights
  • install snow tires
  • add weight, like sand bags
  • carry a lock de-icer
  • allow more stopping distance
  • plan your route to avoid hills

Did you know?
A car's engine coolant should have a minimum freezing point of -35 to -45 degrees Celsius. The tires on most cars are underinflated, reducing their performance and creating a driving hazard. The air pressure in a car's tires changes by one pound for every 5 degree Celsius change in air temperature.

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