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Sports Fields

Highlight_smokefreeSports fields in Kelowna are used for a number of activities such as baseball, slow pitch, volleyball and soccer. Fields are booked through Active Living & Culture for Sports Leagues and special sporting events. When not in use, fields are open for the general public.

For information on field use, view the City's Conditions of Use and Allocation Policy.

Field Maintenance

All sport fields are reviewed regularly to determine if repairs or maintenance is needed to keep them in the best possible condition for playing. As we work through our turf maintenance schedule, field closures may be necessary.

Field closures typically last three weeks and it involves sprinklers operating during the day. Signs are usually posted at the site to inform the public of the closure.

Using fields that are under maintenance can cause damage that will affect the turf's condition and therefore requiring longer closure periods. Check out the 
Sport Fields Maintenance Schedule and Field Closures Q & A for more information. 

To book a field or facility, call 250-469-8504 or check out Facility Rentals.

Find a sports field

Use the map below or check out the more in depth Park Map Viewer.

Sports field turf is not an average lawn

Residents may notice that sports fields are mowed at a shorter height and watered more frequently than in other parts of the park to provide optimum playing conditions. Many sports fields are sand-based to guard against compaction and because sand doesn't hold the water as well as soil, it requires more frequent watering.

Report a problem

If you see garbage/debris that needs to be picked up or any other park problems, report them through our service request system.

For information on City sports fields maintenance, call Park Services at 250-71-PARKS.

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