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Knox Mountain Park is one of the most prominent municipal parks in Kelowna. Centrally located within the city, it forms the largest contiguous park space in Kelowna (282 hectares) and features approximately 1365 linear meters of waterfront on Okanagan Lake. 

Natural Area Park, Knox Mountain Park contains a remarkable combination of natural features, stunning scenery, important cultural heritage and outstanding recreation opportunities.

Management Plan

The first Knox Mountain Park Management Plan was completed and approved by Council in 1999. However, over the last ten years, there have been significant changes to the park, including an expansion of the park boundaries. In addition, population growth and increased usage in recent years has placed pressure on the wildlife corridors and the habitats of threatened and endangered species in the park. 

Update to the Knox Mountain Management Plan

In early 2010, the scope of work for the consultant team was increased to include two city owned parcels on Grainger Road (approximately 74 additional hectares) in the updated management plan. The City has designated this parcel as natural area parkland in the OCP 2030. This new natural area park is in close proximity to Knox Mountain Park, provides physical connections to the Glenmore Highlands, and is ecologically similar to Knox Mountain. The intent is to add the Grainger Road parcel into the Knox Mountain Management Plan in order to manage both areas as one contiguous ecological and recreation resource.

See our Get Involved page for further information on public input and stakeholder consultation.

Related Projects

Apex Trail Restoration
Restoration and decommissioning of unsanctioned rouge trails from the Apex/Upper lookout down the front face with access control fencing and signage as well.

Additional budget request will be submitted for Council approval in subsequent years to complete restoration of remaining sections of the Apex Trail.

Power pole removal
An existing power line originates at Broadway Avenue and travels up the front face of the park to Herbert Heights Road.  The power line predates park designation and serves only the civic reservoir. Part of the line is redundant and the City has been negotiating with Fortis and Telus to remove eight highly visible power poles as upgrades to the line are completed.

Grainger Road Communications Tower
The City has entered into a lease agreement with Telus to install a communications tower adjacent to the existing Grainger Road reservoir. Installation of the tower began in mid-June.

Kathleen Lake SignageKathleen Lake Signage
Natural Area Park Signage Guidelines were prepared concurrently with the Management Plan update. The sign guidelines provide templates for a hierarchy of sign types. 

Signage installation in the Kathleen Lake Precinct of Knox Mountain Park will be used as a "pilot project" to confirm colours, fonts, graphics, support structures etc. before investing in higher profile areas. Signage installation around Kathleen Lake began in June 2011.

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