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Legislative Services 

Legislative Services is responsible for supporting the legislative matters and decisions of Council and provides the communication link between Council, other City Departments and the general public through the provision of services related to legislation, statutory processes and procedures. 

As the official secretariat for Council and all other statutory bodies within the City of Kelowna, Legislative Services prepares all Council and Committee agendas and records the official minutes of the business of the City of Kelowna for the public record.  

To ensure the business of the city is undertaken in accordance with all levels of government legislation, Legislative Services oversees the administration and certification of bylaws, administration and maintenance of Council policies, and the execution of all legal documentation on behalf of the City.  

Legislative Services is also responsible for managing the City’s compliance with Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation which includes ongoing development and maintenance of the corporate Records and Information Management (RIM) program to ensure appropriate access to, and protection of, complete, accurate, and reliable records and information in all forms maintained by the City of Kelowna.  

Legislative services is responsible for conducting all legislated elector approval processes, the triennial general local and school district elections, as well as any by-elections and referenda and ensures they are conducted in a fair and open manner.


Office of the City Clerk
1435 Water Street
Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 1J4
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