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Special Parking Permits Program
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The City of Kelowna offers special parking permits for those people with disabilities.


How to Apply

People interested in applying for a special parking permit can complete the People With Disabilities Applicationpdf icon and return it to the Revenue Branch at City Hall for approval. 

Business Owners who are interested in purchasing a special parking permit for an organization can complete the Organization Applicationpdf icon and return it to the Revenue Branch at City Hall for approval.

Points to Remember

  • An individual is only entitled to one (1) disability permit.
  • Always display your permit, hanging it from the rear view mirror while your vehicle is parked. Failure to do so may result in your vehicle being issued a violation and or towed at the owner’s expense.
  • MARKED City of Kelowna parking lots are free of charge to persons displaying a valid permit excluding reserved City of Kelowna parking lots and parkades. (This permit does not apply on privately owned parking lots or parkades.)
  • Individuals are responsible for any and all fees and fines brought against them if illegally parked on City of Kelowna or private property.
  • Do not use a marked disabled stall if an alternative stall suitable for you is nearby.
  • Do not use the permit and or marked disabled stalls if the person who the permit is registered to is not present in the vehicle or that person is not leaving the vehicle.  Abuse of disability permits will result in the permit being revoked.
  • Never let anyone else use your permit.  Abuse of disability permits will result in the permit being revoked.
  • Ensure you leave enough space between vehicles when parking side by side.  Some vehicles may be equipped with side lifts or ramps allowing access to that vehicle.
  • Do not park in “wheelchair lift vehicle” specific stalls if you do not require the usage of a lift vehicle.
  • Ensure you renew your permit on time.  An outdated permit is the equivalent to not having a permit at all and subject to fines. 


  • Permanent Permits: 
      • It is not necessary to obtain a new doctor's certificate to renew a permanent disability permit.  A permanent disability permit is valid for 3 years.  Please bring your expired permit to the Revenue Branch located on the main floor of City Hall.
  • Temporary Permits:
      • A temporary disability permit is valid up to a maximum of 1 year.  You must submit a new SIGNED doctor’s certificate to renew all temporary disability permits.



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