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2014-2018 Kelowna City Council

Group Council 2014

Mayor and Council

Back: Left to Right Charlie Hodge, Mohini SinghMayor Colin Basran, Ryan Donn, Gail Given
Front: Left to Right: Maxine DeHart, Brad Sieben, Tracy Gray, Luke Stack

The City of Kelowna is governed by an elected Council comprised of a Mayor and eight Councillors. Councillors are elected for four-year terms and each member represents the city at large.

In British Columbia, the Community Charter and the Local Government Act grant the elected Council the authority to establish policies to guide the growth, development and operation of the city, set budgets and levy taxes to provide services. Council delegates administrative responsibility to the City Manager who oversees City operations.


The City of Kelowna responds to hundreds of service requests, complaints and inquiries from the public daily. Most are resolved satisfactorily by the appropriate city staff.

Citizens should be aware that all written and email correspondence addressed to Mayor and Council become public documents once received by the City.

General inquiries and requests can be forwarded to e-Subscribe for email updates about City Council.

TEL: 250 469-8980 
Connect with Council (PDF)   
Write to:  Mayor and Council, 
              1435 Water Street
              Kelowna, BC V1Y 1J4

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