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central_green_community.pngThe City of Kelowna is leading the development of Central Green, a new sustainable community located adjacent to downtown Kelowna. 

The heart of the development will be a
community park surrounded by LEED certified multi-family dwellings, retail spaces, and public amenities.

Pedestrian walkways through the central public plaza will create the perfect setting for residents to be socially connected while enjoying entertainment, shopping, dining and mingling with neighbours.


Central Green will help set a new standard for development within the city and exemplify sustainable planning and building practices in an economically responsible manner. 

Community engagement has been an integral part of the planning process for the Central Green Development. Community stakeholders and the public participated in a series of  public forums, open houses, focus groups and design charettes.

Council approved 
Central Green Comprehensive Development Zone- CD22 to guide the design of Central Green as a low environmental impact, mixed-use development.  



Located across from Kelowna Central School, the site is bordered by Harvey Avenue, Richter Street and Rowcliffe Avenue. The Central Green site was once the home of Kelowna Senior Secondary School.

Previously three buildings were situated on the Central Green property, a brick veneer school building constructed in 1939, the gymnasium, and the Pettigrew House. The Pettigrew house was later relocated to a lot in the adjoining neighbourhood.


Socially Connected Living

Central Green will create a vibrant socially connected neighbourhood by focusing on: 

  • central_green_public_space.pngEnhancing the pedestrian oriented nature of the community
  • Cultivating the vibrant culture of the South Kelowna area    
  • Developing a community where individuals and family can work, sleep, meet, exercise and eat
  • Ensuring all buildings meet the standard for LEED Certified New Construction 

Pedestrian Oriented

Central Green is planned to be a primarily residential development with complementary commercial and office space uses. Through traffic calming and the integration of a connecting pathway system the area will be inviting and accessible.

By promoting vehicle sharing, planning for a pedestrian highway overpass and designing a site with a mantra of “no vehicles visible”, Central Green is able to reduce personal vehicle travel and promote a more intimately social community. Residences are situated in such a way so as to minimize travel distances to grocery shops, pharmacies and transit stops, further reducing the need for vehicle travel.

Vibrant Culture


A two hectare community park, the heart of the development, allows for Central Green residents to meet and mingle. Pedestrian walkways through the central public plaza create the perfect setting for a more connected community. Concerts and shows in the park provide residents with entertainment and diversify the culture.

Live, Play, Network

The Central Green development will be a self sustaining neighbourhood. Individuals and families will be within walking distance of shopping centres, pharmacies and all other amenities. The central public plaza will provide opportunities for local and sustainable businesses, while the two hectare park provides an opportunity for social networking.

Central Green: A LEED™ Neighbourhood

The Central Green development is proposing to be a LEED Neighbourhood Development. For more information on LEED™standards, visit the Canada Green Building Council website.

Central Green Map

2014 CentralGreen Map  Areas A, B, C, D and G
Al Stober Construction Ltd

Areas E and F
Karis Support Society

Area H
Ki-Lo-Na Friendship Society

Area I
Rowcliffe Community Park


Graham Hood
Strategic Land Development Manager


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