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Residential Pickup - Automated Waste and Recycling Collection

Each home with curbside collection has received three specially designed wheeled carts. See the Living Greener Calendar 2015  for pick-up dates.

The new carts replace the existing containers and bags that homeowners use for solid waste collection.

For more information on the automated system, please see the following information sheets or contact the Waste Reduction Office. To upgrade your yard waste cart, fill out the Cart Change-out Request Form. Questions regarding damaged, lost or stolen carts should be directed to OK Environmental Waste Systems, 250 868-3211.


Why an automated system?

The automated collection system stems from the challenges local waste haulers have been facing in the Central Okanagan in the last couple of years. An on-going labour shortage has impacted the hauler’s ability to recruit and retain employees and has resulted in an unprecedented number of complaints and frustration for the haulers – and the residents with missed collections.

Can I change my carts?

To request a change in the size of your carts, please complete the Cart Change-out Request Form.   


With the automated waste collection program and the wheeled carts, there is a one garbage cart limit per household each week for collection.

However, should you have occasional additional waste up to two additional garbage bags/containers will be collected on your scheduled pick-up day, provided they are tagged with special Tag-a-bag stickers which may be purchased at a cost of $2.50 per tag.

To find out where to purchase Tag-a-bag stickers, visit the Regional District of Central Okanagan website.


If you have any further questions please call:

Regional Waste Reduction Office
Phone: 250 469-6250
Website: Waste Reduction Office

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