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Official Flower and Coat of ArmsOfficial Flower

Okanagan Sunflower

The Okanagan Sunflower is the official floral emblem of Kelowna. Also known as the Arrowleaf Balsamroot, the indigenous flowering plant is found only in the Okanagan area of B.C. and the Okanogan region of the state of Washington.

The Okanagan Sunflower thrives particularly well in the Kelowna area and is one of the longest blooming wildflowers, providing abundant splashes of bright yellow on the hillsides in early spring. The plant is drought tolerant; it’s completely edible and was used by the First Nations peoples as a food source. Its large yellow flowers reflect the sunny Okanagan skies and the hot summer climate.

Public Art Competition – Okanagan Sunflower

Official Coat of Arms

Coat of ArmsThe City of Kelowna’s Armorial Bearings were officially accepted by City Council on January 3, 1955 as granted in a Letter Patent by the College of Heralds in England.

The shield, with wavy blue lines on white at the base, depicts Okanagan Lake from which rise three white piles, representing mountains; above these are two apples of gold. Astride the shield, knightly armour, surrounded by a wreath, supports an apple tree bearing apples. At the base of the tree, the crosscut saw is emblematic of the lumber industry and early pioneers.


The supporters are, on the dexter side, a grizzly bear, indicating the derivation of the city’s name, and, on the sinister side, a seahorse, which in heraldry is the closest approximation of our Ogopogo.


The Motto, “Fruitful in Unity” alludes to Kelowna’s steady progress, largely attributable to its fruit industry and the community mindedness and cooperation of its citizens.

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