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Snow Buster Stories


Dec 30, 2015

D lives beside a walkway attached to a grade school. People park around the house and walk their kids to school. The city doesn't plow the walkway or sidewalks like they used to. D has taken it upon himself to clear the sidewalks, walkways, alley and road spaces to allow people appropriate access. I want to nominate him for his goodwill yet again this year.


Jan 4, 2016

I am so grateful for everything the S's do for me year round. Since my husband passed away s few years ago, they have been true god sends in many, many ways. Clearing snow off my driveway and walkway has made me appreciate them just that much more! I am in my early seventies and am quite independent and self-sufficient but it so nice to know that I have great friends in the S's and feels good to know they are watching out for me too!


Jan 4, 2015

I would like to nominate Mr. H K for his continual snow clearing of our walks on Houghton and Franklyn Roads. 



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