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Snow Busters

highlight_snowbuster Grab hold of those
shovels & snow blowers 
& lend a hand in your


  Ode to the Snow Buster
It was clear when we went to bed that night,
We had no idea of the next morning sight.
Awakened by a scraping sound,
we opened the drapes and looked around.
Out on the sidewalk, clearing the snow,
was a neighbour we are so pleased to know.
It wasn't the first time and it won't be the last.
For she's done it so often on snowy days past.
Thank you dear Brenda, your efforts were super.
Thank you for being a neighbourly trooper.

-Submitted by a grateful neighbour, February 2007

From the first snowfall, many Kelowna residents find it a challenge keeping their sidewalks free of snow and ice - particularly seniors or neighbours with a disability. Being a Snow Buster is truly the "neighbourly" thing to do, it involves lending a helping hand by clearing snow from a neighbour's driveway or sidewalk. 

The City of Kelowna's Snow Buster program is about acknowledging those individuals that help our community by clearing snow without being asked or expecting thanks. Most residents live within steps of a senior or a neighbour with a disability, and in many cases someone is already providing a helping hand. Be sure to read some of the stories we've received about these snow-busting residents that go above and beyond for their neighbours.

Nominate your Snow Buster Online or Mail

Our nomination deadline has now passed. Please check back next winter to nominate your friendly neighbourhood Snow Buster.


  • Over half of seniors' falls occur outdoors.
  • Almost half of admissions to long-term care facilities are fall related.
  • Many seniors are afraid of falling which leads them to restrict their activities reducing their mobility.
  • Shovelling snow is great exercise.


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