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Elector Approval Processes

On occasion Council is required to obtain the approval of the electors before taking action,
the most common being prior to adoption of a loan authorization bylaw or prior to taking on
certain types of liabilities.

Obtaining the approval of the electors

Under the Community Charter there are two ways to obtain the approval of the City’s electors when required:

Deciding which approval  method to choose

In almost all cases, Council has a choice in determining which process to employ in obtaining approval of the electors. Each matter is dealt with on a case-by-case basis when it comes before Council.

Some of the considerations include:

  • the scope of the matter (cost, impact on taxes, importance to the community)
  • extent of previous or ongoing public consultation about the matter
  • the time available to conduct either an AAP or a referendum

Other things to consider in making the choice are outlined by the Ministry of Community and Rural Development. Since the Community Charter came into force in 2004, all approvals to date in the City of Kelowna have been via the AAP.


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