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Corporate Services

Corporate Services provides a wide variety of support services for City departments. The Department coordinates purchasing, legislative services, and provides information and communication systems in addition to ongoing operational support. Loss control and insurance is managed through the Risk Management Branch.

The Department is comprised of the following five branches:  

Bylaw Services

Bylaw Services provides inspections and regulatory work related to the enforcement of specific bylaws and Business Licences. Bylaw Enforcement Officers investigate complaints with impartiality and may issue Bylaw Offence Notices.  Opportunity to dispute violations out of court via an independent adjudicator is done with the Bylaw Adjudication system.

Information Services

Information Services provides the City of Kelowna with effective and up-to-date information systems and technology by:

Office of the City Clerk

The Office of the City Clerk is responsible for managing compliance with Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation and provides Legislative Services to Council and their Committees, statutory and procedural information related to all levels of government legislation, creates bylaws and policies, conducts Municipal Elections and is responsible for the execution of all legal City documents within the complex legal environment in which local governments operate.  

Purchasing and Stores

Through centralized service delivery and leadership, Purchasing delivers procurement services across the organization.  The Purchasing and Stores Branch is responsible for:

  • Acquiring the materials, equipment and services required by all City departments
  • Disposal of materials and equipment surplus
  • Controlling and maintaining adequate inventory levels in the City Stores
  • Ensuring that all City procurements meet legislative requirements

Purchasing Services is committed to maximizing the long-term value of the City's dollar, recognizing that price, quality, and performance are important considerations in making up the total cost of ownership in all business opportunities. The Branch ensures that all suppliers are given fair and equal opportunity through adherence to the City's procurement principles and practices

The City of Kelowna is committed to excellence in the acquisition of goods and services and adheres to a high standard of ethics.

Risk Management

The Risk Management Branch is responsible for the development implementation, coordination and administration of the City’s comprehensive risk management program. The program is designed to minimize the City’s loss exposure and manage the claims process.

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