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Commercial Pesticide Notification Registry

Only City of Kelowna Residents can apply to the program. 
Please complete the form below and click the PREVIEW button and then the SUBMIT button to register.

Please refer to the Pesticide Registration page on the City website for details.

All registrations should be submitted to the City of Kelowna by  March 13.

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Unit Number (if applicable):
Street Number:
Street Name:
Postal Code:
Email Address:
Please indicate whether you wish to have same day or previous day notification.
Same DayPrevious Day
Please indicate the reasons for notification (check all that apply).
Pets in yard.
Kids in yard.
Windows open.
Organic fruit trees.
Bird Feeders.
Patio furniture.
Health and wellness choice.
Other (please specify below).
I am a (check one):
new applicant
previous registrant

Note: This information will only be provided to the commercial spray operators for the sole purpose of property owner notification. Email will only be for the purpose of correspondence between registrants and the City; commercial spray operators will not receive your email address.

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