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Road Sweeping

street_sweeperWeather permitting, spring sweeping is scheduled to begin in late March to clean up winter sand and dirt.

Sweeping starts in the downtown core, progresses to the lower levels of the city such as Mission, Orchard Park, Springfield areas and then into the higher elevations e.g., Black Mountain, Dilworth, and South Slopes.

Below are some useful tips to allow for a clean sweep of debris:

  • Watch for signage to remove vehicles, basketball hoops or other items that may impede the street sweeper from cleaning debris from gutters.
  • Sweep sand and debris from sidwalks and boulevards into the gutters.

Signage is placed twenty-four hours before the area is scheduled to be swept.

The City has four sweepers that clean an approximate total of 1,600 lane kilometres.

Weather permitting, all roads in the City's maintenance area will be swept and flushed by mid May during the spring sweep.

Bike Lane Sweeping

Bike lanes are swept in conjunction with the City's roads.

Use our service request system to request information or report a problem. online icon

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