Transit projects

Several transit projects are planned for 2012-2014 to improve transit infrastructure, reduce travel time and increase passenger comfort and convenience.

The following transit projects are part of BC Transit's RapidBus Phase 2 and 3 project.    

Current Projects  


The RapidBus project is a collaborative effort between the City of Kelowna, BC Transit, and the provincial and federal governments and will be delivered over three phases. 

The first phase of RapidBus began service on September 5, 2010, connecting downtown Kelowna to the University of British Columbia (UBCO). Using limited stops, HOV lanes, and transit signal priority, RapidBus gives customers the convenience of having direct, limited-stop service along Highway 97 every 15 minutes during peak hours.

The next two phases will extend the RapidBus line along Highway 97 to the District of West Kelowna and include the creation of new exchanges and upgrades to existing stations to provide a direct connection to the RapidBus line along Highway 97.

Once complete, the RapidBus project will connect urban centres providing transit users with a seamless network of transit connections through the entire region.

For more information on RapidBus visit BC Transit.


Projects are based on our long range planning document, the Central Okanagan Transit Future Plan, which envisions what the Central Okanagan's transit network will look like out to the year 2035. The plan describes the services, infrastructure and investments needed to fulfil this vision.

Development of the plan included consultations with key stakeholders and participation of nearly 2000 members of the public through open houses, surveys, and written and verbal feedback.