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One of the most frequent topics of discussion regarding Highway 97 is traffic signal priorities.

Provincial highway

Highway 97 falls under the jurisdiction of the provincial Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure and is operated by the Ministry. However, we work with the Ministry on intersections with signals at City crossroads.

Funding new highway turning signals

Recent changes to left-hand turning signals include:

  • Water/Pandosy: loss of advance signal for westbound Harvey traffic turning south (left) onto Pandosy
  • Gordon Drive: two new advance lefts for eastbound Harvey traffic turning north onto Gordon (heading toward the industrial area)
  • Gordon Drive northbound turning westbound toward the bridge
  • Burtch Road: advance signal for eastbound Harvey traffic turning northbound (left) onto Burtch;
  • Cooper Road: advance left (non-peak hours only) for westbound Harvey turning south (left) onto Cooper Road (toward Orchard Park/Orchard Plaza)

The existing advance for Cooper Road southbound traffic turning left and heading toward Vernon would only operate during peak periods. 

The City of Kelowna is funding 40 per cent of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure's costs of $105,700 signal improvements. The improvements are based on a recent study completed by the ministry and city.

Signal priority setting

The first priority of this provincial highway corridor is the efficient movement of traffic. The next priority is for vehicular and pedestrian traffic crossing the highway. The last is left turning vehicles.

The signals are programmed to the maximum cycle (time required to complete green, yellow and red phases) and additional time taken, such as providing time for left-turn signals, will take away time for crossing vehicles and pedestrian traffic.

For more information contact the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure at 250-712-3660 or use their online form to provide feedback and ask questions at Tell TranBC.