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In the City of Kelowna, responsibilities for parking related matters are divided between various departments:

  • Kelowna Parking - Management of monthly parking permits, cleaning of parkades and parking lots and enforcement in pay parking areas.
  • Parking Services - Requests for new parking restrictions (petitions), new signage and enforcement of time restricted areas.
  • Bylaw Services - Enforcement of abandoned vehicles and all parking violations outside of pay, time restricted or institutional parking areas.
  • Traffic Operations - Repair of existing parking related signage and requests for new parking restrictions related to sightline and traffic safety concerns.

When a complaint or concern is received, a service request will be initiated for tracking purposes.  Please include your name, address, phone number, and a description of the issue. This information is confidential and will not be released to anyone without consent, or if required in a court of law or adjudication hearing.  Anonymous complaints will not be accepted. 
Service Requests are then classified according to the following priority system: 

  • Priority one:     Health and safety
  • Priority two:     City liability
  • Priority three:  Nuisances
  • Priority four:    Nominal infractions

At his or her discretion, the assigned officer may:

  • Issue a warning notice
  • Issue a bylaw offence notice
  • Issue a bylaw offence notice and tow a vehicle
  • Take no enforcement action

The officer must be satisfied there is sufficient evidence to support a charge before an offence notice may be issued. If required, Parking Services may contact you to provide a statement or appear as a witness if the matter is disputed and proceeds to adjudication.