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Once you’ve decided to choose active transportation, you’ll want to plan your route. Our Active by Nature Route Map helps you chart a course for your daily commute or outdoor adventure. The map contains a detailed list of routes and even featured routes for different seasons.

How to use the Active by Nature Route Map

  • Open the Active by Nature Route Map on your computer or mobile device.
  • Search for a route
    • Click on “Find Route By Name” to bring up a list of routes. Select a name and press “search” and you’ll be shown that route on the map. Click on the name in the navigation menu again to reveal more details about the route.
    • Click on “Find Route By Activity” and select the distance, mode of transportation, features and amenities you’re looking for. Click “search” and a list of routes that meet that criteria will be displayed. Click on a route for more information.
    • To search different areas of the map, click and drag or tap and scroll. You can zoom in and out by using your mouse wheel, pinching with your fingers or pressing the plus and minus signs. Click on a highlighted route and a route summary will pop up.
    • Click on the target symbol and select “Find Me” to see routes near you. You can select “Track Me” or “Follow Me” so you can always see nearby routes.
    • If you have finished your search and would like to see all the routes available, click “Refresh All Routes.”
    • Click on the “Map Layers” button to view different types of routes using a colour-coded system. You can view public parking and transit locations.
  • Select a route
    • Once you’ve picked the route that’s perfect for you, select “Click Link” under “Get Directions” to get the Google Map coordinates.
  • Send us your feedback
    • Click on “Send Feedback” to email us your comments. We want to ensure you have a positive experience planning our your active route.

For more information on the Active by Nature initiative, visit our Active by Nature page.