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Spare Player Lists
Basketball - Women's
NamePhone NumberAge RangeSkill LevelAvailability
Candice B.204-781-155218-25  
Bailey P.250-878-471418-25  
Jasse B.604-751-546926-34  


Volleyball - Indoor
NamePhone NumberAge RangeSkill LevelBeach/Indoor or BothAvailability
Dezaray F.250-308-265926-34BeginnerIndoorM, Tu, W, Th
Karen M.250-859-973018-25Low Comp.IndoorW, Th
Brandon K.250-826-454726-34High Rec.IndoorM, Tu, W, Th
Earl R.403-926-121018-25Low Comp.IndoorTh
Luke Y.778-316-659926-34High Rec.IndoorM, Tu, W, Th
Kristie613-868-254126-34Low Comp.IndoorM
Courtney S.250-681-366918-25High Comp.IndoorM, Tu, W
Markus250-801-8941 High Comp.IndoorM, Tu, W, Th


Slo-Pitch - Spring 2019
NamePhone NumberAge RangeSkill LevelAvailability
Lori T.250-863-167945-54IntermediateM, Tu, W, Th, F, Su
Dezaray F.250-308-265926-34BeginnerM, Tu, W, Th, F, Su
Greg T.250-215-704335-44CompetitiveM, Tu, W, Th, F, Su
Kevin P.250-300-171426-34IntermediateM, Tu, W, Th, F, Su