Recreation without barriers

Recognizing that our citizens face different challenges in their lives, from low-income to mental and physical health, the intention of Recreation without Barriers is to make recreation accessible for all and to put people first.

In order to achieve our mission of ‘leading the development of a safe, vibrant and sustainable city’ we need to build an active, inclusive city that has invested in its diverse communities. Building a strong and healthy foundation will ensure the needs of the community are met and will allow all residents the opportunity to enjoy the great quality of life that Kelowna has to offer.

Financial assistance

When looking for recreational activities in Kelowna most organizations offer financial assistance such as Jumpstart, and KidSport.   

The City of Kelowna supports over 40,000 families each year with our recreation opportunities.

Financial Assistance Hours
Tuesday & Thursday 
Access to Recreation Office (located in Parkinson Recreation Centre)

The YMCA and H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre also offer financial assistance in childcare and subsidized facility/swim passes. 

Recreation for people with a DiverseAbility

Check out our latest seasonal Activity Guide on the Programs & Registration page for an array of exciting adaptive programs.

There are many wonderful places to join a sport leagues or an activity for people with a disability.   For the outdoor enthusiast there is CRIS Outdoor Adventures and Arion Therapeutic Farms, which offer a variety of programs for different disabilities.   

Kelowna also hosts and supports Special OlympicsPeople in Motion and Canucks Autism


No need to miss out on the fun due to a lack of wheels! We have transportation for every body.

HandyDart offers door-to-door pickup and drop-off for people in wheelchairs. 
BC Public Transit has buses to transport wheelchairs as well as bicycles.

We also have a great network of walking, hiking and cycling trails in Kelowna. Check out Active by Nature for various levels of accessible pathways.

Family events and activities for all

Looking for low-cost family fun?  Kelowna has a variety of events and activities.  

Check out our events calendar where you'll find free City-hosted community events like Park & Play, Dancing in the Park, Retro Roller Night, Family Monster Bash, Family Holiday Skate and more!

Check out the latest activity guide on the Programs & Registration page to find affordable programs and events for all ages.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Okanagan and the YMCA offer many opportunities to enjoy events throughout the year.