Outdoor fitness permits

Kelowna's parks and green spaces are available for everyone to enjoy throughout the year. Casual, informal gatherings don't require a permit but if you want to use City park space for a fitness class like yoga or boot camp, you will need to apply for an Outdoor Fitness Activities in Parks permit.  

NOTE: Class sizes cannot exceed 20 participants.

Frequently asked questions
Why do I need a permit?

To address the volume of organized fitness activities in City parks, guidelines and an application process have been established for individuals or groups who provide fitness programming. From April 1 to October 31, individuals or groups looking to hold organized fitness activities in a City park require a permit. These permits grant approval to conduct this type of business in a designated City park (refer to application for designated parks); it does not grant exclusive rights to a specific park or time.

NOTE: Public access to parks must not be restricted.

What if I don't have a permit?

Any person or group operating without a permit is in violation of the Parks and Public Spaces Bylaw # 10680, Section 3.3. This violation will be addressed in accordance with the City of Kelowna's bylaw enforcement procedures.

How do I get a permit?

Permits are required from April 1 to October 31 and can be purchased on a monthly or seasonal basis (refer to application for current rates). A valid City of Kelowna Business License is required, as well as proof of insurance evident of $2 Million General Comprehensive Liability. A City of Kelowna Certificate of Insurance must be provided with the application. 

What if someone is at my site when I arrive, what should I do?

Permit holders have the right to operate in designated parks (permit must be present on-site) but do not have exclusive rights to a specific location or time. When multiple permit holders are at the same location at the same time, they must co-exist where possible or switch locations. City of Kelowna activities/programs and booked events take precedence over permitted outdoor fitness activities. If such an event is in progress or booked on the space, the permit holder must move to an alternate location or stop the class.

What if I'm not charging participants a fee?

An Outdoor Fitness Activities in Parks permit is required when City park space is being utilized for the provision of a service, whether the instructor is charging a fee or not.