Neighbourhood Resources

So you want to plan a block party
A few helpful things to consider when planning your block party.

Project planning tips
If you've never organized a neighbourhood project or event, this will help walk you through the basic steps of doing so.

Block watch
Learn more about the City's Block Watch program and other community policing initiatives.

The NeighbourWoods Program is a residential planting initiative developed by the City of Kelowna's Park Services department to encourage citizens to help grow healthy neighbourhoods and preserve Kelowna’s urban forest.

Outdoor events planning
If you are interested in planning an event for over 350 people or one that disrupts traffic, the Outdoor Events Planning office can help you more easily navigate the permit and application processes. The Frequently Asked Questions and Guidelines pages are especially helpful.

Snow Busters
Our Snow Busters program is about acknowledging those individuals that help our community by clearing snow without being asked or expecting thanks. Nominate your neighbourhood snow buster today!

Neighbourhood/Residents Associations Contact List
A contact list for Kelowna's neighbourhood and resident associations. Associations are responsible for ensuring the list is up to date.


Good neighbour toolkit

Based on the results from the Strong Neighbourhood survey, residents indicated that they had a desire to get to know their neighbours. 

The Good Neighbour Toolkit will help inspire you with ideas on how to reach out and build relationships with your neighbours.

Easy ways to meet your neighbour 
Not sure how to reach out and contact your neighbours? This postcard offers some easy tips and tricks to start making those connections.

The importance of being neighbourly
Why is being neighbourly so important? This brochure outlines the benefits of knowing your neighbours.

25 ways to be neighbourly
Tips, tools and ideas to help you be neighbourly.

Be a friendly, neighbourhood Snow Buster
Help clear the way during the winter months.

Neighbourhood parks
Enjoy Kelowna's parks to the fullest. Relax. Play. Get to know your neighbours. Have fun!

The art of being neighbourly - parking etiquette
One way to be a good neighbour is by paying attention to where and how you park your vehicle(s).

Emergency services
Know who to call and when.

Neighbourhood safety 
Tips to boost safety and security in your neighbourhood.

Conversation starters 
Helpful cut-out conversation starters when meeting your new neighbours or attending events.