Neighbourhood events

The Neighbourhood Events program will help you take your idea for a neighbourhood event to the next level! Plan and implement your neighbourhood event with the support of our Neighbourhood Development Coordinators.

Applications & deadlines

Our Neighbourhood Development Coordinators can help support your event annually from April to September. 

Neighbourhood Event Application Guidelines

Neighbourhood Event Application Form

Why plan a neighbourhood event?

  • Get to know who is in your neighbourhood
  • Encourage neighbourliness and have fun with your neighbours
  • Neighbourhood gatherings provide opportunities for neighbours to meet and strengthen existing relationships
  • Increasing the number of neighbourhood events in your community creates more opportunities for people to connect

Some examples of neighbourhood events:

  • Block party, neighbourhood picnic, themed gatherings
  • Neighbourhood park/stream clean-up, neighbourhood spruce-up
  • Free-cycling days
  • Seed exchange
  • Porch concert, sidewalk chalk mural, art jam

Check out photos and descriptions of past Neighbourhood Grants and Events.