Neighbourhood event application

The Strong Neighbourhoods team can support 20 events in 2019. Applications can be submitted any time but applications will begin to be approved starting April 1. 

You can also view our list of resources to help you with your event.

Neighbourhood event eligbility

Events must be free, inclusive and neighbourhood driven.

You can find the guidelines on the event page.

Event contact information

*You must be a resident of Kelowna and living in the neighourhood of the proposed event in order to qualify.

Event details

What is the proposed event?Read the Neighbourhood Events Program Guidelines to ensure your event can be supported.
Outline your plan to involve your neighbours.How will you reach people who are new to your neighbourhood or who haven't been involved before? How will you ensure your event is inclusive of all your neighbours?
How will the event assist neighbours in getting to know each other?Some examples include providing nametags, playing getting to know you games or taking time to do a round of introductions.
Please indicate the type of support you are looking for by selecting from the list above.


Please provide your estimated event budget below for each expense item.

How will you know if the event is a success?


As part of the Strong Neighbourhoods program, we require that applications:

Sign a Letter of Agreement outlining roles and responsibilities upon event approval, this includes submitting an event organizer evaluation survey.
Coordinate at least three neighbours from different households to assist with the event, such as set-up and take-down.
Complete and submit a road closure permit accompanied with a neighbour signature sheet, if applicable

Note: After you click submit your information will be submitted to our Neighbourhood Development Coordinator who will contact you after April 1, 2019 to discuss your event and next steps.

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