South Perimeter Road

South Perimeter Road is an important connection that will provide a third link in and out of the Upper Mission and better transportation connections for the proposed commercial development and two school sites.
Extending from Gordon Drive to Stewart Road West, South Perimeter Road is identified in the Official Community Plan (OCP), the 20-Year Servicing Plan and Financial Strategy, the 20-Year Major Road Network Plan and the 2030 Infrastructure Plan.
Council approved a proposal in 2015 from Oracle Investments Ltd. to accelerate the design and construction of the roadway.
An agreement proposed with Ponds Ventures Inc., a company affiliated with Oracle Investments Ltd. would see 80 per cent of all future Transportation Development Cost Charges directed towards repayment of $7.6 million construction cost for South Perimeter Road and the $1.66 million construction cost associated with the extension of Gordon Drive. Total project construction costs recoverable by the developer are no more than $9.26 million, with a potential addition of up to $1.5 million at the mutual consent of the parties for roadway components outside of the current project scope. It is anticipated that all funds owing to the developer will be paid within 5 to 7 years of completion of construction.
As per Section 175 of the Community Charter, a Council may, under an agreement, incur a liability that is for more than five years only with the approval of the electors (in the form of a referendum or the Alternative Approval Process (AAP)). As such, approval of the electors via an AAP is necessary prior to ratification of the agreement with the developer.

Alternative Approval Process

The Alternative Approval Process was approved March 2018, which will see South Perimeter Road delivered earlier than planned.

Project Background

In 2015, community input was sought on the developer’s proposal to re-prioritize the road construction. Through quantitative and qualitative methods including online, a public open house and a statistically significant independent telephone survey, the proposal received community support.
Accelerating construction of the roadway means that developer funds will not be available to complete other DCC road improvements as originally scheduled. Delays of approximately six years are anticipated for Lakeshore Road between Dehart and Old Meadows roads, four-laning of Casorso/Bevoulin roads and Dehart Road between Gordon and Lakeshore roads.

Next Steps

The next steps include completion of a final design as agreed to by the developer and the City. A public information session will be held when the design is complete.


Johannes Saufferer
Real Estate Services, Manager

South Perimeter Road Engagement Summary Jan. 2015 View PDF