Pandosy Waterfront Park - Phase 1

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Pandosy Waterfront Park Phase 1

The development of Pandosy Waterfront Park is a multi-year project that will take place in several phases. The park design was endorsed by Council in 2014, following extensive public engagement.

The first phase of development includes demolition of City-owned houses and development of a waterfront greenspace that includes park pathways, lighting and trees.  Additionally, shoreline restoration and protection will be undertaken where there are erosion concerns.  

Improvements in future phases (subject to required approvals and budget availability) will include amenities such as a playground, on-site parking, a lookout, pier and public art. 


Preliminary design - Fall 2020 

Site investigation and abatement - November 2020

Online information session with final design review ( - November 2020

Approvals and permits - winter-spring 2021

Demolition of existing structures - March 25 - Mid April 2021 

Site preparation and start of Phase 1 construction - spring to fall 2021

Please note: park design, demolition and construction schedules are subject to the appropriate permitting processes (i.e. archaeology, environment).

Final design - information session

An in-person, public information session was planned to share the final design of the Pandosy Waterfront Park and construction schedule, but due to important safety measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, this information will be shared in an online format.  

In place of a public information session, the final design and construction schedule for Pandosy Waterfront Park will be shared through Get Involved!, our online engagement platform. 

What will you find on Get Involved!? 

The engagement website will feature everything a traditional public information session would have including: 

  • A colour-rendered master plan of the new park site design with supportive text; 
  • Perspectives and images of proposed park amenities and open spaces; 
  • A timeline of project advancement from detail design, tender through to construction; 
  • A summary of how the park design was decided upon; 
  • A question and answer section; and, 
  • A City contact to follow up with to address more detailed or specific questions. 

A public engagement process that delivered a Council endorsed site design for the seven City-owned properties to the north of Cedar Avenue was completed in 2014. At the time it was decided not to sell two properties in order to maintain a larger park area and with no funding available, development of the Park did not proceed. Funding is now possible as part of the Park Development - Development Cost Charge Bylaw Amendment (2020).  


Why has the timeline shifted? 

The City had originally planned to share the final design with the public at an in-person information session in the summer, but due to COVID-19 public gathering recommendations and Council direction on final design elements, the dates have been moved to the fall.  

Will there be an open house to view the final design? 

The Public Health Officer has released strict guidelines on public gatherings to avoid creating risk of community transmission. The City does not want to encourage engagement activities that present public health risks or might be barriers to participation for those citizens who cannot attend in-person activities due to the pandemic (such as those who are in self-isolation due to possible exposure).    

Through our online engagement platform, GetInvolved, the public will be able to access everything an in-person session would provide:  

  • Images and a summary of the final park design 
  • A construction timeline 
  • A question and answer discussion forum to engage directly with the project team 

The design and engagement site are being finalized and will be launched later this fall (likely November 2020). 

How will questions about the design be answered? 

The final design of Pandosy Waterfront Park will be shared on and there will be an area where visitors can ask questions that will be answered by the Planning or Infrastructure Delivery teams. 

What progress has been made? 

Originally the park was slated for construction in 2024/25 based on Capital funding, however thanks to a new funding stream through Parks Development Cost Charges (DCC’s), the project was fast-tracked. 

A consultant is completing the final design to show the park’s layout and various amenities. The design is anticipated to be finalized and shared through later this fall. 

Some limited site investigation and abatement work is underway in November 2020. However, the final construction schedule for the project is subject to the appropriate permitting processes (i.e. archaeology, environment) and will be updated as permitting processes continue.