Kelowna Police Services Building

To keep pace with safety needs in our growing community, a new police services building with adequate space for effective policing operations is needed. The existing building has now reached the end of its productive lifecycle and no longer meets the requirement to provide space for the City’s policing needs.

The centralized detachment will significantly improve efficiencies and effectiveness of police services in Kelowna and provide flexibility for long-term growth based on the findings in the Prosser Report (2012). The RCMP’s operational model will continue to support several smaller satellite Community Policing Offices to provide some decentralized neighbourhood functions (e.g. public reception, criminal records checks, etc.) and increased police profile through Kelowna’s 214 square-kilometre geographic area.

The new building is estimated at almost 100,000 square feet. The building is designed to accommodate the current functions located at Doyle, Windsor Road and the offsite storage locations, as well as growth in staffing levels over the next 10 years, as recommended in the Prosser Report. The layout will be readily expandable to accommodate future staffing growth without compromising the long-term building function. Some facilities not easily expanded, such as the cell block, have some additional expansion built into the current design to help ensure a longer lifecycle without significant costly building amendments.

After a four-month design process by three prequalified design-build teams Bird Design-Build Construction Inc. was selected as having the preferred submission. The $39 million contract includes the design and construction of the new 100,000 square foot police services building at the corner of Clement Avenue and Richter Street. The total budget for the project is $48 million and the new centralized facility will accommodate the enhanced operations and installation of necessary policing technologies and meet future expansion as the city continues to grow. Maintaining a safe community is a priority for citizens. In the City's 2015 Citizen Survey, 94 per cent of residents said they feel Kelowna is safe and the city wants to keep it that way.

Project Timelines
Council approves scope November - December 2013 Electoral approval process for borrowing January - March 2014 Contract with Design Builder May 2015 Contract with Design Builder May 2015 Design and Construction 2015 - 2017 Facility Occupancy Spring 2017