Boyce-Gyro Beach Parking Lot Improvements

In 2008 the City established a gravel parking lot under a temporary use permit to support the parking requirements for Boyce-Gyro Park. The temporary use permit for this 120 stall parking lot expired in 2015.
Construction of the permanent, approximately 127 stall parking area at the north end of the park, creates enough parking spots to meet demand for the park based on 2016 occupancy counts.
This newly designed lot will create more efficient parking and enough stalls to meet demand, allowing for reclamation of the parking lot currently in the centre of the park (across from Swordy Road). The reclamation of this parking lot is proposed as recreational space, with two additional volleyball courts and table tennis to meet recreational demand and allow for tournament play.
As this is a parking area for a high profile waterfront park, consideration has been given to appropriate landscaping treatments, which will include trees to reduce heat island effect and provide shade, as well as planted bio-swales.
A new access road between the parking and mixed-used development will allow for the closure of Watt Road at Lakeshore Road to improve both vehicle and active transportation routes.
Pedestrian and cyclist transportation upgrades to both Watt Road and Lakeshore Road, fronting the property at 3326 Lakeshore Road, will be completed as part of the parking lot improvements.

Steven Robertson
Project Technologist

Washroom Replacement

Steve Walker
Project Technologist