Bernard Ave Bike Lanes (Richter St to Ethel St)

Installation of bike lanes on Bernard Ave between Richter Street and Ethel Street. 

The City will be installing bike lanes on Bernard Ave between Richter Street and Ethel Street. This connection is the last section of the bike lanes on Bernard Ave to connect Glenmore Road to the Downtown Core. It also connects to the Ethel Street Active Transportation Corridor (ATC) and other bike lanes in the area. This project was identified in the 2016 Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan.

The project will include 1.5 metre bike lanes, on both sides of the street, and 3.2 metre vehicle travel lanes. To accommodate space for the bike lanes, parking will be removed on the north side of Bernard Avenue between Richter Street and Ethel Street; similar to Bernard Avenue east of Ethel Street. A 2018 parking study showed that existing parking demand could be accommodated on one side of the roadway. As this area is restricted to two-hour parking, the time restrictions will remain in effect but will be extended east to Ethel Street.

Construction for this project is scheduled for May 2019 and will be completed as part of asphalt resurfacing work, as weather permits. We appreciate your patience during this project.

View detailed project design map