Abbott Street Active Transportation Corridor

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The Abbott Street protected bike lane project is comprised of bi-directional bike lanes separated from pedestrians and vehicles. This will be achieved through the combination of ultimate and quick-build infrastructure. The City is piloting the use of quick-build infrastructure to extend the Abbott Active Transportation Corridor sooner than 2030, until the ultimate facility can be built along the entire length. Ultimate construction is currently identified in the 10-Year Capital Plan for no earlier than 2030.

Overall, the protected bike lane project spans between Rose Avenue and Newsom Avenue. At Newsom Avenue, the project will tie into the Pandosy Waterfront Park project (expected to begin construction in 2022). Ultimate infrastructure is planned between Rose Avenue and the Abbott Street & Christleton Avenue intersection, while quick-build infrastructure will be installed between the Abbott Street & Christleton Avenue intersection and Newsom Avenue. 

Quick-build strategies combine interim materials within existing street space, with limited new construction, to deliver projects faster and at a lower cost. The project will also include pedestrian improvements to achieve a comprehensive benefit for all active transportation users. Public engagement was held in 2021, and the design was tweaked where opportunities existed based on the feedback received.