Welcome to Kelowna Talks

November 18, 2021

Big conversations are happening in Kelowna. 

Several years ago, the community helped write the Imagine Kelowna vision for our city. This long-term vision was built by the community, for the community. This foundation is helping shape and guide major plans like the Official Community Plan and the Transportation Master Plan and what our city will look like as we grow over the next 40 years. 

In 2040, Kelowna will be a thriving mid-sized city that welcomes people from all backgrounds, honours our rich heritage and respects the natural wonders that contribute to our identity.  

We want to reach more people with new channels, to help citizens understand how and why decisions are made that are moving our city forward, the big conversations the community needs to have around social issues, community safety, affordability, transportation, climate change, and growth.  

“We’re launching several exciting new initiatives to look at the complex issues facing our community — growth, transportation, social issues, affordability, community safety — and take the community behind the scenes to provide more information about what drives decisions and programs in the community,” says Carla Weaden, Divisional Director, Corporate Strategic Services. 

Kelowna Talks is the City’s first official podcast, one of only a handful of municipal podcasts in Canada. Bob Evans, our Director of Partnerships, is our host, and the first two episodes are now available at kelowna.ca/community-stories, and on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. He’ll explore current issues, plans and policies that come from City Hall in a series of interviews with other City staff and community members. 

Community Stories is a new section on kelowna.ca where you’ll find information about what’s happening with the City — services our community relies upon every day, innovative approaches to the issues facing our community, and the people working to prepare our city for future generations.    

“Anyone who has visited or lives in our community knows we’re a city in transition.  We’ve seen unprecedented growth in terms of people and our skyline and just about everyone you meet has an opinion. We’re moving from being a big town to a small city,” adds Weaden. “The podcasts are an opportunity to take a more in-depth look at the various policies in place to help shape the vision we have collectively built.” 

Big ideas and actions will be needed in the years to come. A plan – and a community – is made stronger when it’s shaped by diverse experiences and perspectives.