Snow route parking ban remains in place with more snow on the way

December 28, 2022

News release

The Snow Event Advisory implemented on December 20 remains in place as Kelowna is expected to receive more snowfall in the coming days. All residents are asked to move cars off the street wherever possible, especially those living on designated snow routes.  

Since early November, crews have responded to 17 snow events and today, while conditions are favourable, City crews are out scraping up a month's worth of compact snow and ice before the next snowfall. 

“We’ve had some above-zero temperatures these past couple days, meaning crews can finish clearing the roads down to bare asphalt, but the melt off means we also have large ponds, puddles of water and slush across the city,” says Roadways Operations Manager Andrew Schwerdtfeger. “We ask that residents continue to help clear the way by finding off-street parking, avoiding driving through puddles where possible and clearing catch basins in front of their homes, so water can drain off the streets.” 

City crews are still out clearing the way today including two trucks that have applied more than 20,000 litres of calcium chloride to help with black ice since early this morning. Crews are continuing to service Priority Three (local and residential) roads including hillside areas and are expected to be complete in the next 24 hours, weather permitting. Once the next snowfall begins, crews will move back to Priority One roads, according to our priority system

Crews have serviced 43,558 km of roads accounting for approximately 99 days of driving time in the last week and that number is increasing by the minute. Since Dec. 24, 180 truckloads of sand and 35 truckloads of salt have been applied to Kelowna roads. 

Residents are reminded that clearing snow in front of driveways and along adjacent sidewalks is their responsibility. If someone helped you shovel, be sure to nominate them as a Snow Angel to receive a toque to gift to them for their kindness. They will also be entered in a monthly draw for Kelowna Rockets tickets! Nominations can be made at

For more information about snow removal and priority routes, visit