Smoother roundabouts included in this year’s pavement management program

March 26, 2021

Kelowna’s annual pavement management program will be improving more than 10 kilometres of Kelowna’s roads this year. The $4.5 million program includes resurfacing 32 sections of road and three roundabouts.  

“Resurfacing roundabouts is new to our program as the first roundabouts built are just now needing maintenance,” says Bruce Dacre, Roads Design Technologist. “Re-surfacing roundabouts is a slower process due to the curvature and accesses on each leg. Work will be completed in the evening hours to lessen the impact on motorists.” 

All paving projects are part of the annual pavement management program which maintains the 1,690 kilometres of municipal roads in Kelowna. The City monitors and tests the roads regularly to identify and prioritize areas that require maintenance. Regular maintenance protects the infrastructure of our roads over time and prevents mass replacement at one time.  

2021 pavement management projects 




Bernard Ave 

Gordon Drive 

Richmond Street 

Sutherland Ave 

Gordon Drive 

Burtch Road 

Reid Road 

Pooley Road 

East Kelowna Road 

McCulloch Road 

KLO Road 

Pooley Road 

McCulloch Road  

Pooley Road 

Rose Road 

June Springs Road 

Spiers Road 

Mathews Road 

June Springs Road 

Mathews Road 

Luxmore Road 

Sexsmith Road 

Adams Road 

Pinto Road 

Findlay Road 

Stremel Road 

Fitzpatrick Road 

Ballou Road 

Moubray Road 

Glenmore Road 

Feedham Avenue  

Oswell Drive  

End of curb and gutter 

Sunrise Road 

End of curb and gutter 

Lynrick Road 

Richmond Street 

Bernard Avenue 

Wilson Avenue 

Kent Road 

Spall Road 

East end 

Flemish Street 

Lawson Avenue  

Wilson Avenue 

Clifton Avenue 

Clement Avenue 

100 metres north 

Lougheed Road 

Rail Trail 

Adams Road 

Abbott Street 

Groves Avenue 

Wardlaw Avenue 

Clement Avenue 

East of Clifton Avenue 

West of Clifton Avenue 

Westridge Drive 

Crawford Drive 

South of Appleridge Road 

Longhill Road 

Rifle Road 

Sexsmith Road 

Longhill Road 

Rifle Road 

Valley Road 

Ellis Street 

Cawston Avenue 

Clement Avenue 

Lakeshore Road 

Barrera Road 

Richter Street 

Latta Road  

McCurdy Road East 

Lakha Road 

McCurdy Road 

Hwy 97 

Mayfair Road 

Hollywood Road North 

McCurdy Road 

Laneway South at crosswalk 

Kloppenburg Road 

Loseth Road 

Lynrick Road 

Cadder Avenue 

Ethel Street 

Richter Street 

Drysdale Boulevard 

Cross Road 

Glen Park Drive 

Raymer Avenue 

Ethel Street 

Richter Street 

Lester Road 

Leathead Road 

Houghton Road 







Casorso Road 



Swamp Road 









City of Kelowna personnel have already begun preparing the selected road segments by cleaning, sweeping, sealing cracks, flushing and completing some minor shoulder repairs. Residents will be notified when resurfacing work is to begin in their area. 

The crews working on the projects appreciate the public’s cooperation and patience while this work is under way.  

Visit\roadreport for current road construction information or to view the infrastructure projects map.