Rate changes at Glenmore Landfill in the new year

December 18, 2017
Public service announcement

As of Jan. 1, 2018, fee changes will come into effect at the Glenmore Landfill. The changes will ensure sustainable funding through the life of the landfill and better align with comparable rates across the region.

The 2018 rates listed below are some of the more common residential wastes received at the landfill. A detailed list of tipping fee and waste rates can be found at kelowna.ca/waste.

Waste streamRate as of Jan. 1, 2018
Garbage (commercial, debris, construction materials)$85/tonne
Garbage under 250 kg$11/load
Loads requiring sorting$125/tonne
Yard waste or wood waste$5/load

Additional charges may apply for loads of contaminated recyclables that require sorting or for wastes that require special handling. A minimum $11 charge applies to all other wastes.  

With the rate increases, the annual cost of curbside waste collection will be $174.30 starting Jan. 1.

There will be no per-bag rate for disposal at the landfill. However, residents can place up to two additional bags of garbage out per week if the bags are tagged with Tag-a-Bag stickers. Locations to purchase Tag-a-bag stickers can be found at regionaldistrict.com

Fee changes are in accordance with the Solid Waste Management Bylaw No. 10106 and the increases were approved by Kelowna City Council in October.

For a complete list of new waste rates and acceptable materials, visit kelowna.ca/waste.

For additional information on reducing waste, recycling or curbside collection, download the MyWaste App or visit regionaldistrict.com/recycle.