Proposed cannabis stores a step closer to opening

February 8, 2019

Following a two-month review, 15 cannabis retail applications have been accepted to move forward through the City’s standard rezoning process. Next steps would require rezoning of properties to allow the sale of recreational cannabis.

“Applications were reviewed by a panel of City staff and RCMP representatives using a Council-endorsed scoring matrix,” said Ryan Smith, Community Planning Manager. “An independent consultant, Grant Thornton LLP, oversaw the evaluation process.”

Out of the 15 successful applications, five were decided through a lottery held Friday afternoon. The random lottery was used for applicants that were scored within five percent and located within 500 metres of each other. Grant Thornton LLP oversaw the lottery, and applicants were invited to attend.

“The timing for when cannabis retail stores are up and running will vary depending on the application,” adds Smith. “In addition to requiring a site specific rezoning, applicants have to go through several licensing steps with both the City and the provincial government before they can open a store.”

Some applicants unsuccessful in moving forward either did not provide enough information, or the proposed location was too close to sensitive uses, such as supportive housing, social services offices or major child care centres.

Applications that were identified to begin moving forward in the rezoning process include:

Z19-0004 – 1675-1677 Commerce Avenue
Z19-0005 – 547-559 Bernard Avenue
Z19-0006 – 401 Glenmore Road
Z19-0008 – 2090 Harvey Avenue
Z19-0010 – 1455-1475 Harvey Avenue
Z19-0013 – 3818 Gordon Drive
Z19-0018 – 2339-2397 Hwy 97 North
Z19-0023 – 1977 Kirschner Road
Z19-0024 – 1310 St. Paul Street
Z19-0025 – 889 Vaughan Avenue
Z19-0026 – 140-160 Rutland Road South
Z19-0028 – 175 Old Vernon Road, 2053, 2065 &2115 Rutland Court
Z19-0029 – 2121 Springfield Road
Z19-0031 – 1100 Lawrence Avenue
Z19-0034 – 5505-5507 Airport Way

Should Council support the rezoning applications, and applicants receive the appropriate zoning for their property, they will then have to receive a non-medical cannabis retail licence through the provincial government as well as a business licence through the City.

For more information about the cannabis retail subzone and application process, and to see a draft map of properties that may allow a retail cannabis store, visit