Properties affected by controlled water shutdown in Southeast Kelowna returned to Water Quality Advisory

November 9, 2019
Public service announcement

The properties affected by the controlled water shutdown late this week were immediately placed on a Boil Water Notice once water service was restored. In consultation with Interior Health, drinking water from the affected distribution system has been monitored, tested and allows for that system to return to the Water Quality Advisory.

This return to Water Quality Advisory also applies to the residents living in the vicinity of Jean Rd who experienced a water outage, return to service and subsequent Boil Water Notice in late October.

The Water Quality Advisory is in place for all properties in Southeast Kelowna that receive water from the existing domestic water supply (formerly SEKID) as well as those newly connected to the City of Kelowna Water system as part of the Kelowna Integrated Water – Phase 1 project.

The temporary and precautionary Boil Water Notice was issued on Nov. 8as a precautionary measure after the controlled water shutdown to accommodate the repair of an aging pipe along the former SEKID water transmission line.

Residents are reminded to run their cold water taps to clear any remaining visible, turbid water for several minutes and to report any detrimental, noticeable changes in their water quality to the Water Utility over the next few days.

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