Ongoing stage four watering restrictions for customers south of Mission Creek

September 9, 2019

Efforts to have the Eldorado pump station back online are still underway, requiring ongoing ‘Stage 4’ outdoor watering restrictions for all properties south of Mission Creek. ‘Stage 4’ restrictions mean that the use of supplied water for outdoor use, including lawns and garden watering, is prohibited.

“This is the first time we’ve experienced this type of mechanical failure,” says Kevin Van Vliet, Utility Services Manager. “While the affected components have been replaced, the clean-up of the pump station pipes and wet well is a meticulous process that involves several water quality tests to ensure that water from the wet well is safe for consumption.”

The mechanical failure on the evening of Sept. 4 occurred with the ultraviolet disinfection system, with broken equipment falling into the wet well, where water accumulates for final distribution. The pump station was not running at the time of the failure and the failure triggered a complete shut-down of the station. At no time was at-risk water put into the distribution system. Thorough testing of the station will occur to ensure that it can be safely used before it is returned to operation.

The restrictions ensure that our water supply continues to be available for indoor use and remains safe and clean for consumption. Affected residents and businesses may only use water indoors as needed for drinking, cooking and sanitary purposes during this time. The Utility will advise when the outdoor watering restrictions can be lifted.

“While we’re fortunate to have some precipitation in the forecast, residents with programmable irrigation systems are asked to adjust their timer or use the rain delay function to ensure irrigation does not take place during this period of outdoor watering restrictions,” says Van Vliet.

The rest of the City Utility customers remain under the ‘Stage 1” water restriction stage. Under ’Stage 1’ properties with an odd number address can water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and those with an even address number can water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

The City Water Utility thanks customers for their ongoing cooperation which has helped ensure the continued supply of adequate and safe water for customers south of Mission Creek. A map is available online for customers who are not sure whether their property is included in the ‘Stage 4’ restrictions.

For more information about the City Water Utility watering restrictions visit > water restrictions.