Official Community Plan update: Planning for urban and suburban growth

March 4, 2019

Planning is underway to set a framework for where new homes will be built and how we get around by 2040 – when 50,000 more people are expected to live in Kelowna. With an update to the Official Community Plan continuing into the next phase, Council has directed staff to follow a growth scenario for Kelowna that takes a slightly different approach than Growth Scenario 3, previously endorsed by Council in December 2018.

“Since December, we’ve conducted further technical analysis to forecast what Growth Scenario 3 would mean for the future of our urban and suburban neighbourhoods,” said Robert Miles, project manager. “Although Council has asked us to make some adjustments, this scenario allows the City to achieve the community’s vision of vibrant urban centres and diverse transportation options, but with a somewhat more gradual transition.”

Whereas the previously-endorsed scenario would see Kelowna in 2040 having an overall housing split of 52 per cent multi-family and 48 per cent single- and two-family homes, this new scenario would see a 50/50 split. About two thirds of new housing would be built in the city’s core area, which includes the City Centre, South Pandosy, Capri-Landmark, Midtown, and Rutland Urban Centres. The remaining third would be built in suburban neighbourhoods already planned for in the existing 2030 Official Community Plan, such as Wilden, Black Mountain, Kirschner Mountain, and the Ponds.

“A significant difference between the two scenarios is where new housing would and would not be built, which in turn would determine the location and cost of infrastructure and transportation investments,” added Miles. “While both scenarios represented ambitious, progressive shifts in how the city will grow, the growth scenario that Council endorsed would allow more neighbourhoods to be completed as envisioned in the current 2030 Official Community Plan.”

The endorsed growth scenario will guide development of the 2040 Official Community Plan (Our Kelowna as We Grow), Transportation Master Plan (Kelowna as We Move) and 20 Year Servicing Plan. The next phase of public and stakeholder engagement is anticipated this spring and will gather feedback on some of the key components of the draft 2040 Official Community Plan.

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