Kelowna’s Community Sport Plan nears finish line

January 10, 2018
Public engagement

More than 50 sports organizations and several sport-related advisory groups have provided input in the process of developing Kelowna’s Community Sport Plan. The City of Kelowna is now asking residents interested in sports or physical literacy to provide their input online at until 2 p.m. on Jan. 19.

“Our vision is that Kelowna's dynamic sport system will inspire lifelong participation in sport, improve residents' quality of life and strengthen our community,” said Doug Nicholas, Sport & Event Services Manager. “We want all residents to enjoy sports and physical activity regardless of their skill level, physical abilities or resources.”

Residents will be asked to review the draft guiding principles and goals and provide their feedback. They will also have an opportunity to provide suggestions for specific actions to help achieve the plan’s goals.

“We’re asking how Kelowna as a community can help increase participation in sports throughout all life stages, or become recognized as a premier sport event destination,” said Nicholas.  “What steps do our sports organizations, businesses or residents need to take to support the plan’s vision.”

The outcome of the Community Sport Plan will lead to increased collaboration, planning and execution of quality sport programs across sectors and at all stages of the Canadian Sport for Life continuum. It will contribute to facility development plans and event procurement strategies that will provide a more coordinated approach to sport development.

To provide your feedback on the Community Sport Plan, or on other City projects, visit