Immediate stage 4 watering restrictions for southeast Kelowna and Crawford

September 15, 2020

Due to a burst pipe, all properties in Crawford and southeast Kelowna (except Hall Road) are now on ‘Stage 4’ water restrictions, which means the use of potable water for outdoor use including lawn and garden watering is prohibited until further notice.  Stage 4 restrictions do not apply to the non-potable water system (former SEKID system).

The restrictions are in effect due to a rupture of the transmission main that provides water to southeast Kelowna.  The rupture occurred while Emil Anderson Construction was tapping a new connection into the main.  All water supply to southeast Kelowna has been coming from storage since late this morning.

“We need residents and business owners in this area to only use water indoors as needed for the time being,” says Patrick Aylard, Senior Project Manager. “Crews are on site working on repairs so that the restrictions can be lifted as soon as possible. Once repairs are complete, the reservoirs need time to refill.” 

For residents and businesses in southeast Kelowna, this means that strict water use restrictions are necessary to maintain critical supply. Water may only be used indoors as needed for drinking, cooking and sanitary purposes as well as to ensure the health of livestock.

A ‘Stage 4’ water restriction prohibits the use of supplied water for the following purposes:

  • Lawn and aesthetic garden watering including automatic sprinkler systems and hand-held watering
  • Cleaning outdoor surfaces including driveways, decks, patios and artificial turf
  • Washing vehicles, boats, ATV’s and any other form of automobiles
  • Filling or refilling pools, garden ponds or any other form of water features
  • Watering food gardens, fruit trees and shrubs
  • Irrigation of municipal parks, sports fields and artificial turf

Residents with programmable irrigation systems are asked to adjust their timer or use the rain delay function to ensure irrigation does not take place during this time. An in-depth look at the water restriction stages can be found at along with a live map to confirm if your property is within the area where restrictions are required.

Water restriction stages run from ‘normal’ through to ‘Stage 4’ with increasing water use restrictions.