Highlights of October 19 Council meeting

October 20, 2020
Council highlights

Industrial residential living

Council OK’d a development permit for a four-storey building at 907 Ethel Street which will include industrial use plus 10 apartment units. Normally considered to be conflicting land uses — industrial and residential are not usually incorporated in the same building — the project would be a first for Kelowna.

Water project update

Council heard an update on the construction and financial status of the $86-million Water Integration Project. Major components of the Phase 1 project include 82 km of domestic transmission and distribution water mains; upgrades to three existing pump stations; one new pump station; three new reservoirs; 815 new water services; and, 2,129 new water meters. Council also agreed to increase the project fee to $40 per month for previous SEKID customers from $32 per month beginning in 2021 and extend the project fee duration until 2022.

Community trends report 2020

This year’s Community Trends Report looks at the COVID-19 recovery process from three different perspectives — the relationship between community planning and the recovery; opportunities to encourage economic recovery; and, how, through the recovery, to create healthy communities for all. Read the full report here.

Climate action

To make significant progress on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Council endorsed the recommended accelerated climate actions for 2021 as outlined in the report, subject to City budget and grant approvals.