Highlights of October 1 Council meeting

October 3, 2018
Council highlights

Retail cannabis sales

Council agreed to a process for evaluating and prioritizing cannabis sales rezoning applications. Staff began accepting rezoning applications on October 1 and because staff have received numerous enquiries in the past few months, a scoring matrix has been created so a committee can evaluate and prioritize applications. All applications received between October 1, 2018 and November 30, 2018 will be considered during the first round of evaluations and processing.

Poplar Point park

The Poplar Point beach access will get some much-needed attention in early 2019. Council agreed to fund improvements at the beach access as part of the Interim Parks Access project, which is close to the Poplar Point Drive access to the Knox Mountain Park trails. The anticipated work would include park signage, improvements to the trail and steps, and beach clean-up.

Bellevue Creek freshet damage

Bellevue Creek was hit hard in this year’s spring freshet and a significant amount of debris needs to be removed from the creek before next spring to mitigate the risk of further flooding and additional damage, Council heard. Council received for information a report from staff outlining the estimated damages from the 2018 freshet and the work that needs doing ahead of next spring.

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