Highlights of March 22 Council meeting

March 24, 2021

Culinary college

Council agreed to support an application to the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) for a “Non-Farm Use” — a proposal for a culinary education facility at the Summerhill Pyramid Winery. Should the ALC approve, Summerhill would need to submit another application to Council and, if Council gave it first reading, it would then go to a public hearing.

Glenmore multifamily

Council considered a rezoning request for a rental apartment building at 368 Valley Road. The applicant has applied for funding from BC Housing and if successful, this would be a subsidized rental apartment building ensuring affordable housing. Council gave first reading to the proposed rezoning and forwarded the project to the April 6 public hearing.

Infill housing changes

Proposed updates to the RU7 Infill Housing zone were endorsed by Council. The zone was initially adopted in January 2017 and staff have since recognized several issues, including repetition of design, lack of landscaping, and the need for lighted paths. Council gave first reading to the proposed OCP and zoning bylaw text amendments and forwarded the proposal to the April 6 public hearing.

School trustee byelection

The City will hold a byelection for a school trustee on behalf of School District 23, following the recent passing of trustee Rolli Cacchioni. General voting day will be Saturday June 26 with advanced voting opportunities on Wednesday June 16 and Wednesday June 23. Council OK’d bylaws governing the byelection procedures and staff are prioritizing health and safety considerations.