Highlights of January 29 Council meeting

January 30, 2018
Council highlights

Taylor Road townhomes

A proposal for 24 townhomes at 255 Taylor Road was considered by Council. Council gave first reading to the proposed rezoning and forwarded the project to a February 20 public hearing. Should the rezoning be approved, the existing home on the property will be demolished. The project will include eight two-bedroom units and 16 three-bedroom units, each with a double garage and either a ground level patio or a second-storey balcony.

ICBC Road Safety grants

ICBC is granting the City more than $237,000 for 16 road safety projects completed last year — sidewalks, bike lanes, traffic lights, roundabouts — that will improve road safety and reduce collisions. They were submitted to ICBC for consideration under the corporation's Road Safety Improvement Program. The projects include:

  • $44,500 - Ethel 3 active transportation corridor

  • $23,800 - Lakeshore Road/Collett Road roundabout

  • $43,200 - Doyle Avenue/Water Street roundabout

  • $13,400 - Springfield Rd (between Dilworth Dr and Ziprick Rd) bike lanes

  • $17,400 -Glenmore bike lanes

  • $24,600 - Ellis Street/Doyle Avenue improvements

  • $7,100 - High Rd (Kennedy - Lowland) Sidewalk

  • $14,100 - Graham sidewalk