Highlights of February 11 Council meeting

February 12, 2019
Council highlights

Hospital area planning

Identifying a location for a new Interior Health parkade and pedestrian improvements around the Kelowna General Hospital were just two of the recommendations outlined in the Hospital Area Plan – Phase II, specifically as it relates to land use and transportation, Council heard. The plan looks to guide future development of the area east of the hospital. The report can be read here.

Canyon Falls slopes study

Council agreed to spend $125,000 on a geotechnical slope stability study along Bellevue Creek within Canyon Falls Park. Safety improvements were made to the Bellevue Creek Canyon Falls Trail in 2017 but the trail has been closed since March 2018 following a landslide. The study will assess the potential for a larger landslide and staff will determine a strategy for stabilizing the active slope.

Outdoor events summary

Kelowna played host to a record 180 permitted events and 85 tournaments in 2018, Council heard in an update from staff on the 2018 outdoor event season and an overview of plans for 2019. Council endorsed an updated Event & Festival Framework with specific objectives around event development, event support, event management and event spaces.

Capri Landmark plan

Council supported the transportation and parks components of the Capri-Landmark Plan, which includes extending Sutherland Avenue through Burtch to Spall in phases over the next 20 years. The proposed plan aims to address challenges in the area — ranging from the lack of public spaces to traffic congestion — and position the area for future growth. Read the full report here.