Have a look, have a say: final phase 2040 Official Community Plan engagement is live!

January 26, 2021
Public engagement

It’s here! Following a broad, multi-year engagement process, the draft 2040 Official Community Plan (OCP), Our Kelowna as we grow, is being shared with the public and the City wants to hear from Kelowna residents. 

The draft 2040 OCP has been shaped by a series of public engagement opportunities, starting with the development of our community vision, Imagine Kelowna. This final phase of OCP engagement builds on dialogue with the public to date and will explore a range of topics specific to how our community grows, such as: urban centres, residential infill, agricultural lands, suburban neighbourhoods, climate action and environmental protection. 

“Through activities like Pick your Path and Neighbourhood Expos, the City has brought many people and perspectives together to develop a forward-thinking OCP, with bold directions that reflect the spirit of our community vision,” said Robert Miles, Planner and OCP 2040 Project Manager. “We look forward to hearing from residents about the proposed directions – feedback will help us deliver a final plan that represents how the community wants to grow.” 

Due to the ongoing public health crisis, engagement will take place primarily online. The public will have a chance to review the draft and share comments by completing a survey, taking part in virtual focus groups, joining online discussion forums, or by visiting the in-person display at City Hall. This final phase of 2040 OCP engagement runs until the end of March. Stay up to date on the current engagement opportunities around the OCP by subscribing to the project on getinvolved.kelowna.ca. 

“Despite the challenges that COVID-19 continues to present, we hope to encourage as much input as possible from our residents by offering a variety of participation opportunities.” 

The OCP provides a policy framework for Council to address issues such as housing, transportation, infrastructure, parks, and the natural and social environment. Every 10 years, the draft is reexamined in order to update land uses, mapping and policies to reflect the community's vision – and to clearly signal where development and corresponding infrastructure and amenities will be supported. 

Along with the OCP, how our city grows is defined by several guiding documents, including the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) and 20-year Servicing Plan. These long-range plans have been developed in coordination to identify the investments needed over the next 20 years to bring to life the community’s vision of a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive Kelowna. 

Public feedback will help refine and finalize the plan. The final plan is expected to be completed and presented to Council for endorsement later this year.  

Learn more at kelowna.ca/ocp.